Our Services

Yoga for Youngsters is a mobile services which offers a variety of services. We teach to :

Yoga Poses

Improves balance, alignment and coordination with practice of postures.

Breath Work

Using your breath is the most powerful technique to relieve stress, center your mind, and calm the body.


Research tells us that right now our children are actually more stressed than ever.

Get To Know Me

I am extremely passionate about teaching Yoga and the benefits it has on ones life!  When I teach yoga I love to get to know each individuals needs and set goals for each student.  I do come to each Yoga class depending on age groups with many manipulative s.  For example The yoga kitties soft, stuffed animals teach for each student to be kind not only to the kitty but to themselves introducing self care and caring for others as well with gentle hands for the little ones and acts of kindness and compassion for the older children for this ever changing world we live in today! Classes might include obstacle courses which help with agility and playfulness balancing over rainbows through tunnels and ending in a students favorite yoga pose which friends can guess.  Plus yoga games like Yogi in the middle helping children take turns to help with self esteem and leadership. I come with bubbles to help little ones practice breathwork as well as fictitious flowers to help learn the breaths.  For older students Yoga cards help us teach Yoga poses sequences like Sun salutation , or teach students certain yoga poses to help promote better sleep and which poses to do in the morning to help students wake up for that early morning class.  My bag of tricks is endless and Is geared for countless hours of curriculum based Hatha Yoga training. 

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